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Ithaca Made Movies - The History of the Wharton Studios in Ithaca, NY

From 1913-1920, Ithaca, NY, was known as "The Hollywood of the East." Silent picture filmmakers
came here to make serial thrillers, slapstick comedies, mysteries and patriotic films.

In 1914, Theodore Wharton established his own movie studio here. Ithaca Made Movies tells the
fascinating story of Theodore Wharton's amazing silent picture studio and the famous stars who
brought glamour to this small New York resort town!

Video Clips: 
Opening  |  Ted Wharton, My Story   |   The Studio    |   Filming in Ithaca    |   Heroines   |   
|   End of an Era    |   All is Not Lost   |

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Birth of Sound on Film

In 1916, Theodore Case founded the Case Research Lab in Auburn, NY. It was here that he
developed an invention that changed the world forever... the Birth of Sound on Film!

Join us as we learn the intriguing story of Inventor Theodore Case. We'll meet the Executive
Director of the Case Museum who will take us on a fascinating tour of the lab and see rare
historic clips from early sound test-films and Movietone Newsreels.

Video Clips: | Opening | Big Breakthrough | Sound Lesson | Case or DeForest? | Movietone | Soundtrack
 | 1st Sound Films | The Patents | Science Lab | Notebooks | Restoration Plans | Closing |

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Historic Charleston Getaway
Winner of 1st Place for Documentary & Best of Show - ACM-NE
Video Festival, 2003

Explore Antebellum mansions, colonial homes, museums, gardens, churches and graveyards with this fascinating historic walking tour of the "Old Walled City" and the "Battery".       

Discover ornamental ponds, enchanted hidden gardens, and flowering azaleas at the oldest landscaped gardens in America at Middleton Place.  Meet the volunteers at the rice plantation who reenact a candle maker, cooper and a blacksmith.

Video Clips: | Opening | Getting Started | Walled City Tour | Middleton Place | | Battery Tour | The Holy City |

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Daytrippers in Western NY I
Winner of 1st Place Award for Magazine Format - ACM-NE
Video Festival, 2003

From Sponge Candy to a 26 pound chocolate Easter rabbit, you'll discover why Oliver's Candies  
in Batavia, is the fun place to learn about the history of candy making.  Cheese making in Siberia?
Find out how at Kutter's Cheese Factory in Corfu, NY.

Discover the fascinating history of Fisher-Price Toys and the Bob Knechtel Marionettes at the
 Toy Town Museum. Take a breathtaking look at 17 original Tiffany stained glass windows inside
the "Baker Memorial United Methodist Church".  Tour a nostalgic shop of yesteryear at Vidler's 5 & 10  and meet the zany "Vidler on the Roof."

Video Clips: | Opening | Oliver's Candies | Kutter's Cheese | East Aurora || ToyTown Museum |Baker Memorial Church | Vidler's 5 & 10 |

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Welcome Message from
Senator Maziarz

Daytrippers in Western NY II

We’re off on another Daytripper through Western New York!  First we’ll meet
Senator George Maziarz, and learn about his exciting plans to develop tourism throughout the

We’ll learn the fascinating story of William Seward, who was Secretary of State to President
Lincoln and visit his treasure-filled home in Aubrun, NY. Then, we’ll visit the
Willard Memorial Chapel, the only complete and unaltered Tiffany religious interior in the world!

Next, we’ll visit the beautiful Murphy Orchards, and learn the intriguing story of how this farm was
often the last stop on the Underground Railroad for runaway slaves.  And finally, we’ll visit
"Chi-Llama-Moo Farm" and discover why llamas are becoming such a popular addition to
the working family farm. 

Video Clips: | Overview  | Seward House | Willard Chapel | Agri-Tourism | Chi-Llama-Moo Farm    

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Carrousels, Vaudeville Theatre & Jell-O
Finalist for Magazine Format - ACM-NE Video Festival, 2004

See a beautifully restored 1916 carrousel and hear about its rich history at the
Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.

Relive the exciting era of the 1920's at the historic Riviera Vaudeville Theatre in North
Tonawanda. Hear the Original Mighty Wurlitzer Organ in concert with sing-a-longs and a
silent picture movie.

Does a bowl of wiggly lime Jell-O have the same brainwaves as an adult? You'll learn
about this fascinating story and more as we tour the Jell-O Museum in Leroy, NY.

Video Clips

Carrousel Museum: | Animals | Exhibits & Classes | Wurlitzer Band Organ | 1916 #1 Special |
Riviera Theatre: | Theatre History | Concert & Silent Movie | Sing-a-Long |
Jell-O Museum: | Company History | Traveling Salesmen | Advertising | Lime Jell-O Brainpower
Gossip Tone News: | Penny Pepper's Debut | Miss Salt & Pepper at the Jell-O Museum |

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Grand Parks of Western NY
Winner of 1st Place Award for Magazine Format - ACM-NE
Video Festival, 2004

Mt. Hope Cemetery is truly a Victorian treasure!  Hear fascinating stories about Pioneers,
Visionaries, Artists, and Inventors. Was the first automobile really invented in Rochester, NY?

If you love waterfalls, then join us for a breathtaking hike through the geological wonders of
 Watkins Glen and a romantic stroll to Taughannock Falls.

Video Clips: | Opening | Taughannock Falls | Watkin's Glen
Mt. Hope: | Beginnings | Pioneers | Portraits in Stone | Inventors | Flowers & Rocks | Adopt-A-Plot |

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Rochester, A City of Quality (1963)

This historic film explores the history of Rochester, NY and the beauty of the surrounding countryside.
You’ll see how people lived, worked and spent their leisure time, by gardening, taking in a symphony,
visiting local attractions, and going shopping.

We’ll explore Rochester’s long tradition of service to the Community through their Civic Organizations, Historical Societies, Churches, and Universities.

And finally, we’ll see how the visionaries of the 1960’s planned for a city of the future that started with the building of Mid-Town Plaza and resulted in "Rochester, A City of Quality."  This historic film was acquired courtesy of the Prelinger Archives

Click Here for Video Preview

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Treasures of the Rochester Public Library
Finalist for Documentary Profile - ACM-NE Video Festival, 2004

Join us as we explore the rich history of the Rundel Memorial Library in downtown Rochester, NY. 
Meet the Librarian and Archivist who preserve and maintain one of the best historical collections
in Western, NY. 

Discover Rochester's past as we dig through "The Local History Section" and uncover
one-of-a-kind books, photos and letters.  Learn how to tap into their extensive "Genealogy
Research Center" to find that distant ancestor of yours.

Video Clips: | Early History | Building the Library | Local History Div. | In the Stacks | Displays
| Roch. Reg. Library Council | Genealogy | Family Hist. CD | Testimonial | Internet Resources |
Attic with an Attitude |

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Historic Gothic Church in Rochester
Winner of Best of Show for Documentary Profile - ACM-NE
Video Festival, 2004

Join us in a celebration of a true East Avenue landmark, the Asbury First United Methodist Church
 Learn the remarkable story of Methodist Pastor, Dr. Weldon Crossland, and his dream of building
a Gothic Cathedral in Rochester.

Hear the wonderful sounds of the season from the Asbury Ringers Handbell Ensemble. 
Discover Asbury's incredible Outreach Ministry and the volunteers who feed, clothe and provide
job services to thousands every year.

Video Clips: | Early Years | Man with a Dream | Funding the Dream | Dream Fulfilled | Bell Choir | Outreach |

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Victorian Vignettes

Take a rare look inside Brockport's Morgan Manning House. Hear the dramatic story of Sara
Morgan's life and the restoration work of dedicated volunteers after the Great Fire of 1964.

From German bisque head dolls to Shirley Temples---this is a doll lovers paradise! Learn how
antique dolls are appraised at the enchanting  Victorian Doll Museum in North Chili.

Enjoy the art of local Brockport, NY artist Karen Neibel. 

And finally, a  humorous look at the Historic Road Signs of Brockport and Clarkson ,NY.

Video Clips:Opening  | Morgan-Manning House:    History    House Tour   Great Fire of 1964    Restoration
                             | Victorian Doll Museum  |  Karen Neibel, Artist  |  Road Signs of Western, NY  |

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Our Amazing Seniors

You're in the pilot's seat as Korean War Vet, Don Johnson, stunt flies an authentic
WWII Fighter Plane over Western New York in " A Gift to Remember."

Volunteer, George King, takes you on a fascinating walking tour of Sacramento Old City Cemetery 
and shares his amazing stories on historic restoration and early California pioneers. 
Volunteer John Bettencourt tells the fascinating story of early California attorney Jim Coffroth in
"The Case of the Highway Robber."

And finally, take a rare look inside four charming Victorian Homes in Clarkson, NY!

Video Clips:  |  A Gift to Remember  |  Sacramento Old City Cemetery   |  The Case of the Highway Robber  |  
Clarkson, NY Victorian Homes  |

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Starlight Jukebox Theater

Wurlitzer Jukebox Factory Tour        
Join us for a fascinating 1947 historic tour of the Rudolph Wurlitzer Factory of North Tonawanda, NY.

Television: Pictures from the Sky     
An exciting behind the scenes look at a 1939 television Station in Rockefeller Center, New York.

Nostalgia Radio: On the Air             

A fascinating behind the scenes look at producing a 1937 radio show!

PLUS! Musical Soundies & Dancing from the '40’s
"Got to Be", "Zig Me Baby", "Sweet Sue" & "Blue Horizon"

Click Here for Video Preview 

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Starlight Variety Theater I

Our Playbill starts with the Vibraphone Xylophone Orchestra. Then we’ll boogie-woogie with Thelma
White and her all girl band.  And do the Conga, with Ginger Harmon and the Mercer Brothers.

Historic Newsreels will introduce us to Dr. Barclay’s offbeat collection of timepieces and Dr. Heard’s
Fire Magic.  Then, for our special feature, we’ll join a 1953 tour of the Eastman House in Rochester, NY,  where we’ll discover the early history of photography and marvel at their secret camera collection. 

And finally, you won’t want to miss our whimsical lineup of classic TV commercials from the 1950’s
and 60’s.

Click Here for Video Preview | Vibraphone Orchestra | Hollywood Boogie | Tica-Ti-Tica Ta |

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Starlight Variety Theater II

Soundies, Newsreels & Fun!
Zany vintage animations lead into the jazz beat in "Jiveroo",  starring Harry Day & Della with the
June Taylor Girls.

Feature Presentation - Coney Island

We'll take you back to the 1940's to experience the fun and frivolity of the world's greatest
amusement park. 


And finally, get ready for a nostalgic sing-a-long as we take a romantic Greyhound Bus Tour in
the 1950's!

Click Here for Video Preview

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Winterfest 2004

We’ll begin with a nostalgic look back to 1939 with an ice skating show at the Sun Valley Exhibit of
the NY World's Fair.  Then we’ll open our Holiday Wishbook and learn about the needs of our community organizations. We’ll also discover what women really want for Christmas in a whimsical 1940 film clip.

Next, we'll see a futuristic computer-animated music video entitled Pipe Dream, created by Animusic.   Then we'll celebrate world-class choir music from Rochester's own Asbury First UMC. And finally, Warner-Pathe filmmakers from around the world will share their Holiday Greeting.

Video Clips: | Ice Skating | Wishbook | RollOh the Robot | Pipe Dream | Choir Music | Pathe Filmmakers|

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Senior newlyweds James and Luella prove that romance is for all ages! 

Mary Jane Holmes was one of America's best-selling romance novelists of the 19th century.
Follow the charming story of this famous Brockport author who published nearly 40 novels!

Three aspiring authors from Lake Country Romance Writers of Western New York share their
secrets on the value of critique groups and entering contests.

Take a great winter escape to the enchanting Desert Botanical Gardens in Phoenix!

Video Clips:  |  Opening  |  Senior Newlyweds  |  Mary Jane Holmes  | 
Romance Writers:  |  Intro  |  Critiques Groups  |  Contests  |  Getting Published  |  Future Plans  | 
Special Feature:  Southwest Escape - Phoenix, AZ

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